Deluxe Magnetic Mighty Mind

$54.90 SGD

The Deluxe Magnetic MightyMind Features a colour coded metal sorting tray that introduces essential organisational skills. An enlarged play tray allows MightyMind to be expanded with SuperMind, MightyMind Challenger, MightyMind Sea Explorer and MightyMind Zoo Adventure advanced program patterns to further develop essential analytical thinking skills. The unique linear program guides children step by step as they analyse, build and solve...

Magnetic Mighty Mind - Challenger

$45.90 SGD

This latest addition to the magnetic MightyMind series presents an excellent transition from MightyMind to SuperMind. This unique group of carefully programmed puzzles is sequenced in alphabetical order. A child is lead step by step through a confidence building path moving from easy to complex challenges.     Ages 4-9 


$19.90 SGD

This light edition of the bestselling basic MightyMind introduces children to logic, reasoning and problem solving skills.  Kids learn counting, sorting, categorizing, spatial relationships and color matching.  Contains a specially programmed series of 16 beginner puzzles.  Also included are 12 proportional geometric design tiles contained in a convenient storage tray.

Magnetic Mighty Mind - Zoo Adventure

$45.90 SGD

Magnetic Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure is an ideal travel companion for keeping kids creatively busy on long trips. This dramatic and colorful play-alone activity provides hours of fascinating fun by challenging children to think for themselves. Kids get totally absorbed as they follow the carefully programmed series of puzzles that build the skills every child needs. Mighty Mind Zoo Adventure...

Magnetic Super Mind

$45.90 SGD

Magnetic Super Mind is the sequel to Magnetic MightyMind. It shows school age children how to build and solve puzzles. Kids love combining shapes and design blocks to create figures, animals, people, buildings and imaginative pictures. Age 5-9

Magnetic Mighty Mind - Sea Explorer

$45.90 SGD

MAGNETIC MIGHTYMIND SEA EXPLORER is a creative adventure activity that builds the skills that every child needs. It shows children how to build and solve colorful puzzles. Kids combine shapes and design blocks to create aquatic figures such as fish, sea creatures, boats and imaginative pictures. Age 5-9

Mighty Mind - Aquarium Adventure

$32.90 SGD

Brings a new dimension of fun and exploration to stimulate a child's imagination. MightyMind® Aquarium Adventure extends the award winning MightyMind series using unique proportional MightyMind Design Tiles and a progressive series of challenging puzzles. A child builds a variety of underwater scenes that develop the important and necessary skills every child needs. It keeps kids busy for hours! Ages...

Magnetic Mighty Mind

$45.90 SGD

MightyMind, the award winning, highest rated 5-Star activity set is now magnetic. Contains 32 proportional design tiles in 6 basic geometric shapes, 4 colors, in large and small sizes, with matching magnetic shapes. The tiles are neatly stored in the convenient cotton storage pouch. Also included is a deck of 30 sturdy puzzle board cards which are organized and programmed...

Mighty Mind

$32.90 SGD

Winner of Parents’ Choice Honor Toy, cited by child development experts. In just 30 steps, a child develops essential life long skills needed for future success. Encourages and entices a child to think, build complex designs, and solve puzzles without assistance. Builds confidence. No language required. Available worldwide. Includes 32 colorful design shapes, neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray...

Super Mind

$32.90 SGD

This confidence building sequel to MightyMind stimulates a child to explore and discover the fascinating way simple shapes can be combined to form intricate delightful pictures and designs. Develops important critical analytical thinking skills essential for future success. Includes 32 colorful design tiles, neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray with numbered advanced programmed puzzles. No language required. Ages 5-9...