Amen! FLS

$5.90 SGD

Inspire kids to be their best! Bright, iridescent foil highlights Christian symbols and themes to reinforce moral values and reward good behavior. A great motivational tool for home schools and Sunday school classrooms. 30ヨ60 pack.


8-Pack Jumbo Wipe Off Crayons

$9.90 SGD $4.90 SGD

Easy On! Can be used on most non-porous surfaces with smooth , easy strokes! Easy off! To remove crayon, wipe surface with a dry clean cloth Non-Toxic 

4-Pack Bright Colors CM

$14.90 SGD

Use on any Wipe-Offᆴ surface to extend learning. New colors and a trilingual format add variety and value. Long-lasting, non-toxic ink wipes clean with a dry tissue. Pack includes purple, pink, orange, and aqua.