Learning Resources Pedro The Fine Motor Peacock

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Fine motor fun never looked so fancy! Kids build the essential fine motor skills they need to succeed in school and beyond every time they play with Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock. The friendliest fine motor toy for toddlers, this fine feathered peacock comes with 5 pinchable, pullable feathers. With push-in, pop-out play, these feathers make it easy for kids...

My Kids Magnet Sanrio Characters Travel Around Our World Magnetic Map Puzzles Book

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Sanrio Characters "Travel Around Our World" Magnetic Map Puzzles Book Come and join Hello Kitty and friends, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, XO and Kerokerokeroppi to explore the world happily !   Contents include : 1 x magnetic book (open size 60 x 39cm); 1 x information sheet (countries, capitals, flags, population, landmarks, national costume and decoration etc); Plus over 80 pieces...

My Kids Magnet Hello Kitty Magnetic Monthly Schedule Board

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Official Sanrio "Hello Kitty Magnetic Monthly Schedule Board " is a handy and useful planning tool for children and parents to plan ahead together their daily and monthly activities. Board size : 40 x 32 x 0.4 cm. Parts & accessories : 1 board + over 60 cute and colourful Hello Kitty magnets + 1 erasable Hello Kitty marker pen. Enjoy and have Fun!

Peaceable Kingdom MONKEY AROUND

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Get ready to get up and move! Monkey Around contains 40 cards that prompt players to do movements together - from hugs, to high fives, to simple skills like balancing, hopping, and marching. Included in the game is a bean bag banana that adds to the fun and learning.A wonderful first board game for kids that was created specifically for...

Mindware KEVA: Brain Builders Junior

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Train young brains to think in multiple dimensions with this interactive STEM tool! Brain Builders Junior combines 20 KEVA planks with a set of stimulating puzzle cards. Perfect for even the youngest of builders—each card features a fun, recognizable 2-D object and the goal is to recreate the pattern into a 3-D structure. The picture cards are numbered in order...

Eistire Set 1

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Eistire Set 1 Schleich Bayala Pegasus 3-pcs Set. Product Dimension 6 cm x 3 cm x 9 cm (W x D x H)

Dinosaur Set with Cave

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Dinosaur Set with Cave Hand painted. Highly detailed. With moveable lower jaw. Connectible plant parts. Numerous places to insert plants. Product Dimension 16.51 x 38.99 x 37.49 cm (W x D x H)


Reversible Wooden Alphabet and Numbers Tracing Board

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Made from natural wood, this wooden tracing board is a fantastic learning tool. Makes for a wonderful educational toy for kids who are learning to write. Great to use with your own stylus, or have the kids run their fingers over the letters, place paper over the board and rubbing the paper surface with crayons, and etc. The possibilities with...


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If you like big trucks, loud noises and playing in the dirt, then you will love Mighty Trucks! This coloring book is full of monster trucks, earthmovers, dump trucks and much more! Color your way through the world of GIANT TRUCKS! Includes: Big, bold artwork makes it easy for children to feel successful when coloring in all of our fun...


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Take a journey under the sea with the mystical mermaids and their fun friends! This book contains mermaids, underwater castles, an octopus tea party, whales, and much more! Write your own underwater story, design your own crown, and create beautiful artwork! Includes: Big, bold artwork makes it easy for children to feel successful when coloring in all of our fun...


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Not far away just beyond the rainbow you can visit an enchanted castle with all of your princess friends. Picture Me a Princess is a magical coloring book with every girls fairytale dreams. This book includes castles, dragons, jewelry, 3 lovey princesses, and much more. This is more than just a magical coloring book, you can decorate and wear your...


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What’s your favorite dinosaur? Discovering Mighty Dinosaurs lets you explore, color and learn facts about all your favorite mighty dinosaurs. This book includes the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex, the very large Apatosaurus, the bold Triceratops, and many more! This book also has fun 2 dimensional activities with simple guidelines to follow as well as create your own dinosaur artwork. Includes: Big,...


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Lions, and Tigers, and Bears oh my! If you like to go to the zoo and see all of the exotic animals, then this is the book for you! Like all Do A Dot Art coloring books, Who’s in the Zoo has big bold artwork, activities that allow children to do original planning and thinking, and fun games! Includes: Big,...


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Explore the realm Under the Sea with this fun and exciting Do A Dot Art coloring book! This collection of fun and fascinating sea creatures includes big bold artwork of dolphins, sea turtles, starfish, sharks and more! Under the Sea is not only a coloring book, it also has fun activities like 2 dimensional art using simple guidelines, and facts...


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And on his farm he had a PIG! What is your favorite farm animal? Find them all in this wonderful Do A Dot Art! coloring book, “Farm Animal Friends.” This creative activity book is a playful and fun way to learn about farm animals while coloring the afternoon away. Includes: Big, bold artwork makes it easy for children to feel...