Schleich Reindeer

$13.90 SGD

Reindeer are a deer species that live in large herds in the colder regions of North America, northern Europe and northern Asia. In nature they have the same stick-like antlers as the one from Schleich® Wild Life. They are the only deer species where the female also has antlers. Another special feature is their hooves. They are very wide and...

Schleich Wombat

$11.90 SGD

Wombats are small marsupials that live on the Australian continent. Their body shape doesn’t make them look agile but they can be surprisingly fast. When they’re not grazing the small mammals live underground, where they dig tunnels and burrows. To do this they have rodent-like teeth and wide paws with sickle-shaped claws, just like the wombat from Schleich® Wild Life....

Schleich Red Panda

$11.90 SGD

The red panda is a small mammal that lives in the eastern Himalayas and south-west China. It eats mainly bamboo. In the same way as the red panda from Schleich® Wild Life, at first glance the animal looks like a cross between a raccoon, a fox and a cat. And despite its name it isn’t a panda. A new animal...

Inflatable Animal Quest - Stick N Quiz 42cm

$29.90 SGD

A board game with short and animated rounds for a super fun experience. The globe becomes a three dimensional game board. The players must fill a mission by winning five animal cards. To win a card they must stick, as fast as possible, the animal that they identified on the globe and answer the question that goes with it. What's...

Inflatable The World Globe - 30cm

$9.90 SGD

Children will be acquainted to countries, borders and continents through a lens and new understanding of world politics. This discovery allows them to better understand the world, to share and appreciate its wonders with anyone. They can travel around the globe at their own pace and even play with their grown ups! Kids can entertain themselves by asking questions and...

Magnoidz Storm Glass

$27.90 SGD

DescriptionThe Storm Glass uses the changing air pressure and temperature to predict the weather outside!Features 16cm Not suitable for under 3 years Recommended to be used under adult supervision

Magnoidz Magnetic Sculptures Spheres

$13.90 SGD

DescriptionCreate new and exciting sculptures with these sculpture spheres - fun for all the family! How crazy that these spheres can create such amazing sculptures?!Features 15cm Choking hazard: Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Magnoidz Dino Skeleton Excavation Kit

$19.90 SGD

DescriptionThis exciting dig and discover Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit is the perfect gift for any child interested in palaeontology and dinosaurs. The kit includes all of the essentials required for a dinosaur skeleton excavation.Features 25cm Kit includes;1 x excavation block, excavation tools, magnifier. Suitable for 6+ years Not suitable for under 3 years 4 assorted dinosaur skeletons to collect

Eistire Set 1

$19.90 SGD

Eistire Set 1 Schleich Bayala Pegasus 3-pcs Set. Product Dimension 6 cm x 3 cm x 9 cm (W x D x H)

Dinosaur Set with Cave

$149.90 SGD

Dinosaur Set with Cave Hand painted. Highly detailed. With moveable lower jaw. Connectible plant parts. Numerous places to insert plants. Product Dimension 16.51 x 38.99 x 37.49 cm (W x D x H)

Dalmatian Puppy, Sitting

$6.90 SGD

Dalmatian Puppy, Sitting Fun Fact The hairs in a Dalmatian's coat are barbed, making them stick to almost any type of fabric. Product Dimension 1 x 1.8 x 1.2 inches

DC Comics Cyborg BB

$24.90 SGD

DC Comics Cyborg BB Product Dimension 8.5 x 9.5 x 16 cm

Cat, Standing

$7.90 SGD

Cat, Standing Cats are fascinating because of their graceful, lithe movements, their expressive eyes and their picture-perfect fur patterns. Cats have an extraordinary sense of balance. And even if they should fall, they hardly get hurt. It is even said that they always land on their feet. And it is true: If they fall back first, they first turn the...

Black Angus Bull

$16.90 SGD

Black Angus Bull Angus cattle are beautiful and strong black cattle with somewhat shorter legs. Usually the animals do not have horns – they have been bred out so that the cattle do not injure each other. This is especially important for the heavy, strong bulls. Black Angus cattle are very undemanding and therefore very popular with farmers. Fun Fact...

African Elephant Calf

$11.90 SGD

African Elephant Calf African Elephants are the largest land animals existing. Fully grown, a bull can get as big as a house and as large as a truck. Product Dimension 3 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm (W x D x H)