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What's New at Smart Alley


$32.90 SGD

Since 1979, Puzzle Math has enabled children to understand what numbers really are and how they can be combined and manipulated to form desired combinations.  This unique first number game...

Magnetic Mighty Mind - Challenger

$45.90 SGD

This latest addition to the magnetic MightyMind series presents an excellent transition from MightyMind to SuperMind. This unique group of carefully programmed puzzles is sequenced in alphabetical order. A child...

IllumiCraft™ Light-Up! Picture Frame

$39.90 SGD

The Big IdeaFancy up your favorite photo with a light-up frame! Kids learn to build a circuit, then customize their frames with decorative stickers and paint.Psst...They're Learning> Introduces basic circuitry...

IllumiCraft™ Light-Up! Cell Phone Speaker Dock

$39.90 SGD

The Big IdeaThis two-in-one cell phone dock and speaker keeps your phone in place AND amplifies sound. Kids learn to engineer simple circuits, then customize this delightful docking station to...

IllumiCraft™ Light-Up! Pencil Case

$39.90 SGD

The Big IdeaIlluminate your style with a light-up pencil case! Kids learn to engineer simple circuits, then use their creativity to customize their colorful crafts.Psst...They're Learning Introduces basic circuitry and...

OGOBILD with AnimateIt! - Studio Kit (w/ camera)

$129.90 SGD

Studio Kit Build, Create and Animate! OGOBILD is a line of creative construction toys created to promote open-ended play and stimulate a child's imagination. This kit contains Animate It! Express...